Innovation, Resilience and Inclusive Development


DIRECTOR / Principal Consultant

Mr. Eric van der Linden joined the board of ETC Consulting Limited in 2017.

He brings to the board his experience in international development and diplomacy, having served for over ten years as the EU/EC Head of delegation in Slovenia, Slovakia and Kenya. In Kenya, he managed 140 staff, as from 2005 until 2007 he covered Somalia as well. The Delegation managed budgets of over Euro 100 Million per year.

As chair of the EU Heads of Mission since end 2009, he was responsible for the coordination of EU positions on issues of interest to the European Union and Kenya. Prior to that he served in the European Commission as Head of Unit for North Africa and later Turkey, Cyprus, Malta. Eric joined the EC in 1975 and prior to that he was an Assistant/researcher at the Free University of Brussels in the field of Transport economics.

Mr. Van Der Linden has a Master’s degree in Economics and a degree in Econometrics, Statistical analysis and Operations research. He speaks and writes fluently in Dutch, French, English, German, and understands Italian and Slovak languages.

After retirement from the European Union in 2011, he worked a few years with a Belgian NGO on a water project near Loyangalani (Marsabit County). At the same time he was a board member of Basecamp Foundation Kenya.