Innovation, Resilience and Inclusive Development


Managing Director

Dr. Onduru is agronomist with a background on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and horticulture and has over time integrated the same with applied statistics and data analytics in trans disciplinary studies in the agricultural and related sectors with a focus on the interface between biophysical and social sciences. Davies has over 20 years’ experience in participatory and action research; and in designing, implementing and monitoring and evaluating rural development project interventions; and data collection and statistical data analysis. Onduru’s Research and rural Development experiences and Consultancies cover counties in Eastern, South and Horn of Africa. He has wide experience in training rural development workers (extension staff) in sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and environmental conservation as well as in rural surveys and data collection and statistical data analysis. Davies also has wide experience in applying participatory methodologies and community approaches (Farmer Field Schools, Participatory Rural Appraisals, Participatory Technology Development, Participatory Learning and Action Research, Rapid Appraisal of Agricultural Knowledge Systems) in agricultural research and sustainable rural development projects and has published widely on the same. Lately, Davies has privileged farmer field schools for farmer empowerment, learning and participatory research with pioneering work on smallholder tea-based mixed farming systems in Eastern African Countries.

Davies has also been a member and a team leader in many research and rural development Projects involving trans disciplinary teams and has conducted emancipatory, participatory and action research with rural farmers and conducted baselines, market and panel surveys, and evaluations and impact assessments for various clients (civil society organizations, Government and International bodies). Davies has conducted statistical data analysis for various national and international Projects, extending the outputs of various Statistical packages through Coding for desired analysis: SPSS, STATA, GENSTAT, SAS, STATISTICA, R, EPI INFO, WHO Anthro; and Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Softwares (QDA Miner and MAXQDA). Similarly, Davies has also developed Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)/Mobile Data software for data collection in various surveys.