Innovation, Resilience and Inclusive Development


Principal Consultant

Dr. Bell Okello is a skilled and experienced researcher and consultant working in the field of Rangeland management, Project Management, Gender, Agriculture, Livelihoods and Rural Development.  Bell has worked in various positions as a researcher, consultant, project management and technical expert both in Kenya and abroad.  Currently, Bell Okello is a senior consultant and Director at ETC Consulting Ltd.

Okello has over 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating research studies and project interventions related to livelihoods and food security throughout sub- Saharan Africa,   in  both   ASAL   and  non-ASAL   lands.  Okello’s knowledge, skills and experience covers the field of agricultural extension, natural resources management, institutional strengthening, program management, development programming and monitoring and evaluation.  His  work  and  research  experience  covers  Kenya,  Uganda, Tanzania,  Ethiopia,  Somalia,  Somaliland,  India,  The  Netherlands,  South Sudan,  South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

Okello holds  a  PhD   from   the  University  of  Kwa  Zulu  Natal  in  South  Africa,  and a postgraduate certificate in Participatory Research and Development in Agriculture from  the International  Center for  Research  in  Agriculture  (ICRA)  in  the  Netherlands.  Bell Okello received his training on gender in agricultural research, rural development and project cycle management (including formulation, monitoring and evaluation) from the International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA).

He is widely recognized at the national and regional levels for providing expert program management, technical support, and strategic advisory services to a wide range of governments, foundations, and non-profit organizations, including for the Bill & Melinda Gates-funded Kenya Agro dealer Support Program, Alliance for a Green revolution in Africa (AGRA).  He is a regular participant at World Economic Forum on Africa forums.  More recently, Bell was a team member of UN-Women led interagency group that organized an international share fare event on innovations that empower women. Bell recently led the consultancy team to undertake baseline survey for Trócaire UKAM project, SDCP’s IFAD funded baseline survey and he has done work with LRF and KLA. On the latter, he provided technical support for gender responsive M&E for KLA’s land rights programme.

Dr.   Okello  is  the  director  in  charge  of  strategy  and  operations,  as  well  as  leading consultancies and research work  on  gender, agriculture, livelihoods and rural development work.  Bell is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Integrated Soil Health Management, a founder member of the Regional Gender and Rural Livelihoods Network for East and Central Africa. Okello is also the founding and immediate former chairman of the National  Steering  Committee  on   Promoting  Local  Innovations  in  ecologically  oriented agriculture and natural resources management (Prolinnova)  in Kenya, in which the network is identifying, documenting and promoting various types of farmer-led agricultural and environmentally sustainable innovations. +254 722 713 701