Innovation, Resilience and Inclusive Development

WHAT MAKES ETC-Consulting Unique

Long standing experience of 28 Years  Consulting for Development Programmes


ETC Consulting deliberately chose the path of working through participatory process approaches in order to deliver quality products and services that satisfy the clients’ needs, and have the greatest impacts on the eventual beneficiary for inclusive, equitably and sustainable livelihoods.

ETC Consulting Limited has over the past 28 years been able to build and maintain its profile of a ‘consultancy plus’ organisation, delivering quality services from the perspective of a clear development agenda with the objective to build local/regional capacity, both as a Kenyan consultancy organisation as well as with partner organisations.

In this sense, ETC Consulting distinguishes itself from the regular consultancy companies that have a purely commercial interest, as it seeks to build on the strengths and motivation of its own staff. All ETC professionals have been encouraged to be creative in the development of new products and the exploration of new markets. As a result, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit within the Group and a challenging work environment



Sustainable and Resilient Development of Nations


To provide responsive technical and advisory support for inclusive, resilient and sustainable development.


Empowerment, Participation, Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, Justice, Integrity and Trust, Innovation, Teamwork and Partnerships.